Between Consolation and Forgiveness

Our Jewish way of life can be defined as a series of life-in-cycles. We currently live in the cycle bracketed by Tisha b’Av and Rosh HaShana: the seven weeks (more or less) occupying the space in between have the dual spiritual tone of Consolation and Forgiveness. Consolation arrives in the wake of Tisha b’Av’s commemorating the disaster of the Holy Temple twice […]

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A Festive Lag BaOmer

It’s been exactly 30 days since Jews in the Diaspora sat down for the 2nd Seder. On any given day since that one, you could have asked me how many days have elapsed since, and I could have told you exactly, as soon as you finished the question. No research required. Why? Because of the ritual of Counting the Omer, in which […]

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The Passing of a Friend

Shirley Levine passed away peacefully yesterday in her bed at Village Shalom, where she had resided the better part of a decade. Though I’ll be eulogizing Shirley at Tuesday’s funeral, there’s one aspect of her long and lustrous life I’d like to touch on here. I daresay that Shirley’s immersion in the life of Ohev Sholom exceeds not only that of anyone […]

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