Celebrate Hanuka and Support Masorti

We’ll kindle the first candle of Hanuka Tuesday evening. We’ll enjoy festive foods and exchange gifts. We’ll recall the bravery and conviction of the Macabees of yore, who in 165 BCE overcame an overlord who outlawed our ancestral heritage. Their victory established the primacy of freedom of religion. How ironic, then, that nowadays it is precisely in the State of Israel that […]

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A contemporary worship service, occasionally, to be considered

Let us now pick up the thread of our congregation’s consideration of developing a contemporary worship service, to offer on an occasional basis during Shabbat morning worship in our Sanctuary. To recount developments thus far: earlier this year, our Worship Committee appointed Anna Jaffe to chair a task force charged with creating a concept for a contemporary Shabbat morning worship service, which […]

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