The Passing of a Friend

Shirley Levine passed away peacefully yesterday in her bed at Village Shalom, where she had resided the better part of a decade. Though I’ll be eulogizing Shirley at Tuesday’s funeral, there’s one aspect of her long and lustrous life I’d like to touch on here. I daresay that Shirley’s immersion in the life of Ohev Sholom exceeds not only that of anyone […]

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Reflecting on Martin Luther King Day, 2018

As commemorative milestones go, today’s national holiday offers two. First, on the yearly calendar, it commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Second, on the broader calendar — let’s call it the “century calendar,” for lack of a better term — today’s 2018 commemoration marks a half-century since his assassination. The current issue of The New Yorker offers a fascinating analysis of presidential […]

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Celebrate Hanuka and Support Masorti

We’ll kindle the first candle of Hanuka Tuesday evening. We’ll enjoy festive foods and exchange gifts. We’ll recall the bravery and conviction of the Macabees of yore, who in 165 BCE overcame an overlord who outlawed our ancestral heritage. Their victory established the primacy of freedom of religion. How ironic, then, that nowadays it is precisely in the State of Israel that […]

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