JVS Hosted the 2019 Refugee Birthday Party

The Refugee Birthday Party sponsored earlier this month by Congregations Ohev Sholom, Beth Torah, Beth Shalom, Jewish Vocational Service and Della Lamb Community Services was very successful. The families in attendance enjoyed a wonderful celebration and received gifts from the sponsors. Thank you to our many Ohev Sholom volunteers and financial supporters for their involvement with this most amazing of programs.

About This Event

Many refugees arrive in the United States with only a vague idea of when they were born and how old they might be. Upon entry refugees are usually given January 1st as their birth date.

Additionally, many have never celebrated a birthday or received a gift.

But on Sunday, January 20th, Congregations Beth Shalom, Beth Torah and Ohev Sholom partnered with JVS to host the 2019 Refugee Birthday Party. The Refugee Birthday Party celebrated the children and their families, and helped ease their transition by providing an example of what happens during an American birthday party.

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