Jewish War Veterans Memorial Service on Shabbat

Each Shabbat closest to Memorial Day, Ohev Sholom joins other synagogues nationwide in reading a list of the names of Jewish military members who have died in service to our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, as requested by the National Museum of American Jewish Military History as detailed on its website:

“The National Museum of American Jewish Military History presently lists 56 identified Jewish service people who have given their lives in defense of our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. On this Memorial Day weekend, and hopefully countless Memorial Day weekends thereafter, we are asking all of the synagogues Jewish organizations throughout our nation to read the names of these Fallen Heroes in memorial. Please present this list of the Fallen Heroes to your Rabbi, Executive Director, or Organizational President and ask him or her to read it with reverence on this coming Memorial Day weekend. In remembering the names of our fallen brothers and sisters, we succeed in honoring their memories in perpetuity.”

As Commander of the Department of Midwest, Jewish War Veterans, Ohev President Larry Gordon has asked members of the local JWV MO-KAN Post 605, to relay this information to their member synagogues.

The Memorial Day Shabbat is Saturday, May 27. Please join us at Ohev when we will read a list during Shabbat services. However, since there have been no Jewish military deaths this past year, we will instead read the list of local Jewish Military veterans who have passed away since last year’s Memorial Day (list provided by Louis Memorial).

Congregation Beth Shalom will hold a similar memorial service.