Free Health Seminar

Historic City Market Shopping with Ohev

Ohev Sholom is holding a Health Seminar on November 11th from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in Asner Hall.


Adi Shamir- Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Kirk Johnson – Functional Medicine Chiropractor


7 Steps to Better Health
Functional medicine
Detoxifying daily
Nutritional Deficiencies
Anti Inflammatory Diet
Thyroid Function
Weight Loss

Adi & the Doctor will also show how to do simple tests for Deficiencies, Food Sensitivities and Thyroid Function.

Who Can Come?

This Health Seminar is open to people of all ages. Non-members, members, friends and family members are welcome.

There will be a light, healthy snack.

This is a free event, however donations will be welcomed.