Muffin & Mamma Make Challah: New Children’s Book Published by Ohev Member

Louise Seigel, longtime Ohev Sholom member, recently published a children’s picture book called Muffin & Mamma Make Challah.

Because Louise worked as a school librarian until her retirement a few years ago, she is especially attuned to what makes an effective children’s book. “Children are naturally drawn to stories about animals, especially animals who come to life with feelings that we (humans) have,” Siegel notes, “I thought it would be fun to write about Muffin and how much I like making challah with her keeping me company in the kitchen.”

She knew the illustrations would be important to making the book appealing to kids. The book is geared toward children ages 4 through 7. After looking at other illustrators’ work, Seigel met with Valery Herman, another Ohev member, and knew she was the right choice, “Valery’s pictures were perfect. I love every one of her illustrations.”



About the Book

Muffin & Mamma Make Challah is a page-by-page beautiful picture book. This is the story of Mamma, an older lady who has plenty of energy, and her cat, Muffin, who follows Mamma’s steps in creating challah, which is the traditional bread eaten on Friday nights by Jewish families. Each step of the recipe is illustrated, as performed by Mamma, and Muffin is an active participant in the entire process. This is an authentic recipe which can be followed to achieve a beautiful and delicious loaf of bread. Children will enjoy the antics and photos of Muffin!
From the publisher

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