Adam Miller, Co-President

Adam Miller, Co-President

Adam Miller, Co-President

Where are you from originally?

Baldwin, New York. Kansas City via Houston, Oklahoma City, Boston and for a brief periods, Washington, DC and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Christina and I have been married for 15! years. Our lovely (at least we think so) daughter Annabeth was born in 2015 and was named at Ohev.

What do you do now? Job or hobby that occupies your time.

I am an attorney for the federal government. In my spare time, I officiate at motorsports events across North America.

What is something you really care about that helps define who you are?

Maintaining a conservative Jewish community while responding to the evolution of our population. Making our community attractive for younger families raising children.

When did you join Ohev?


What do you like about being a member of Ohev, or what makes it special to you?

Ohev is all about the people. We may be a “small” shul, but we regularly get 50-75 people on Saturday morning for services.