Michael McCune, Vice President of Finance


Michael McCune, Vice President of Finance

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from a small town in southwest Kansas that is a predominately agricultural community. I moved to Lawrence, Kansas for college and have been mostly in this area ever since then.


I am married and have two children, two step-children, and nine grandchildren. Our seventeen-year-old daughter and twenty-year-old granddaughter are the only ones living with us now.

What do you do now? Job or hobby that occupies your time.

I have a law degree, but I work in the financial services area. But… see the next question.

What is something you really care about that helps define who you are?

Without question, it is Judaism and the Jewish community. I teach classes at Ohev Sholom and at another synagogue because of the love that I have for Judaism and the way it provides the base for my relationship with G-d, but also because I want to give back a small part of what the general Jewish community and particularly Ohev Sholom have given to me. Kansas City has a wonderful Jewish community and Ohev Sholom is definitely one of the highlights of that community.

When did you join Ohev?


What do you like about being a member of Ohev, or what makes it special to you?

Ohev has a reputation of being a very friendly, caring place and that is certainly well-deserved. I felt at home the first time I attended services at Ohev and I have been here ever since.

Anything else you would like to share?

Ohev Sholom is the kind of place that has many places that you can plug into and get involved to whatever degree that you want. A very active Sisterhood and a full slate of activities are among the benefits of being a part of Ohev. Because of its size and its open and welcoming atmosphere, you can be a part of things ranging from our wonderful Kiddush meals to the annual Mahjong tournament. You can be a part of the Jewish book club or you can attend classes by Rabbi White (last series was on Pirkei Avot). And of course, all are welcome to come to worship and be a part of our minyan services. I love Ohev Sholom – come and visit us and you will too!