Moe Deutch Distinguished Service Award

Congregation Ohev Sholom recognizes an extraordinary member of the congregation who has, over a significant period of time, made an outstanding contribution to the Ohev community.

About Moe Deutch


Moe Deutch

Moe Deutch was a long-time member of Ohev Sholom. In fact his was the first Bar Mitzvah at our 7th and Sandusky location in 1926. He served as President, Gabbai, and numerous other official positions. He cared deeply about Ohev Sholom and it was a very important part of his life. In his honor and in recognition of his devotion and extraordinary service to this Synagogue, we developed the Moe Deutch Distinguished Service award. This prestigious award is presented to an individual or individuals that embody the spirit and caring of Moe.

Most Recent Honorees

In 2014 (5775), we honored the service of two members: Keith Silvers and Sheldon Turetsky. Not by accident are Keith and Sheldon recognized together; they have worked as a team for many years, doing whatever needed to be taken care of, on the grounds, in the building, for the people of Ohev Sholom. They both believe that by following the example set by previous generations, they have helped Ohev Sholom to exist and thrive for over 130 years.

About Keith Silvers

Keith Silvers’s family joined Ohev Sholom in the late 1950s when the Synagogue was located at 7th and Sandusky in Kansas City, Kansas. Keith attended Hebrew and Sunday school at Ohev Sholom. He has been attending morning minyan services since the summer of 2002 when he began saying Kaddish for his father and has continued to attend morning services so that others are able to say Kaddish for their loved ones.

To the good fortune of Ohev Sholom, as well as the larger community, Keith uses his skills in construction, acquired over the years from a determination to simply get the job done. Whatever repair or maintenance problem, large or small, you will find Keith available to help. Whether it is rebuilding the exterior stairs, planting shrubs, hoisting tents, ferrying equipment or hauling metal to be recycled as a part of the Ohev Going Green Program, he is always willing to show up and do the heavy lifting of maintaining our synagogue, a legacy of his father Alvin who also did repair work whenever the need arose. Though he is modest about what he does for the community, Keith’s contribution is apparent to anyone who visits the synagogue.

About Sheldon Turetsky

Sheldon moved to Kansas City with his wife Joan in 2006 and has been a member of Ohev Sholom since 2009. He has worked in many capacities over the years: conscientious Board member, Building and Grounds Committee member – always ready to fix a light or extract a tree stump – dedicated minyan attendee, indefatigable KosherFest grillmaster.

Most recently, Sheldon was instrumental in overhauling the synagogue’s security program, in the aftermath of the JCC/Village Shalom shootings. He consulted with local security and police officers, talked to other synagogues with similar initiatives and researched current standards and policies, with an eye to what would address Ohev’s particular needs and concerns. His painstaking work resulted in a 55-page Security Manual, a 50-page Emergency Operations Manual and holding the synagogue’s first in-house training and certification of 21 Ohev staff and members in First Aid, CPR and AED training. Sheldon continues to make a difference in the life of our synagogue, today and for years to come.

Past Deutch Award Recipients

Gene Naron : 1982
Frances Lerner : 1983
Joann Studna : 1983
Evelyn Wasserstrom : 1984
Jack Bornstein : 1985
Marvin Fishman : 1985
Norman Katcher : 1985
Anna Rubins : 1986
Sanford Goldansky : 1987
Barbara Goldansky : 1987
Leone Morgenstern : 1988
Phyllis Denton : 1989
David Studna : 1990
Anne Schirn : 1991
Tobi Cooper : 1994
Debbi Cohen : 1995
Howard Cohen : 1997
Shirley Levine : 2000
Carol Offenbach : 2001
Charles Choucroun : 2003
Mary Birnbaum : 2005
Donald Cohen : 2006
Arnold Pollman : 2006
Doris Quinn : 2006
Sally Gordon : 2008
Barbara Stras : 2011