Ohev and More2 in The Fight For a More Just Society

The Metropolitan Organization for Racial and Economic Equity was formed a dozen years ago by a group including Susan Choucroun, of blessed memory. Susan remained a board member until her tragic death nearly three years ago. Known as “MORE Squared” and denoted MORE2, the local organization has successfully fought for social justice in our community, with a number of significant accomplishments under its belt.

When it was discovered, for example, that construction companies building the Power and Light District were not in compliance with agreed-upon minimum minority hires, MORE2 called a press conference to report the situation. Presto, the companies made the necessary corrections. Mission accomplished.

The structural model of MORE2 follows that of its parent national organization, The Gamaliel Foundation: a consortium of local religious organizations banding together to fight for social justice in the local community of each. The local “franchise,” MORE2, consists of some three dozen churches and synagogues, of which Ohev Sholom is a member. And we are actively involved.

Though you may not be aware, I host at Ohev a monthly planning meeting for local clergy from Kansas congregations. A number of clergy regularly attend, along with MORE2 director Lora McDonald. (Our own Alan Wasserman cooks up for the group a delicious breakfast — todah Alan!) Of timely interest is that MORE2 holds and annual Gala Banquet, coming up at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, June 8. I will be disseminating information about the banquet throughout the next three weeks. I hope you will join me there, and join the fight for a more just society.