A contemporary worship service, occasionally, to be considered

Let us now pick up the thread of our congregation’s consideration of developing a contemporary worship service, to offer on an occasional basis during Shabbat morning worship in our Sanctuary.

To recount developments thus far: earlier this year, our Worship Committee appointed Anna Jaffe to chair a task force charged with creating a concept for a contemporary Shabbat morning worship service, which would feature congregational singing accompanied by one or two acoustic instruments. At a Shabbat service late summer, Anna and I offered a progress report, and promised a follow up presentation. We’ll make good on that promise Shabbat morning of October 28th, when Anna will take the rostrum at worship services to lay out the liturgical model and describe the spiritual atmosphere of the contemporary service. Those attending this Saturday morning are invited to join Anna and me at Kiddush luncheon after services, for a question and answer session.

The next step will be a worship committee closed meeting on a future date, during which it will consider recommending that the board of directors endorse an occasional contemporary worship service in the Sanctuary on Shabbat mornings. A board affirmation of such a resolution would enable us to mount an initial pilot service in early December. Many thanks to Anna and members of her task force, for their leadership on this important undertaking.