In Promotion of Public Service

I am not receiving any consideration from State Farm Insurance for the plug I’m about to give them; they didn’t even ask me to make it. But I was so impressed with their advertisement – which I saw yesterday afternoon while watching NCAA basketball, that I simply cannot resist. It depicts a young man, whose imagination (conscience?) continues to gnaw at him about his lack of involvement with causes of Social Justice, until he finally takes the step of entering the headquarters of an agency dedicated to supporting needy children. The screen then goes blank, save for an IP address detailing how to get involved – and an ascription to the ad’s sponsor, State Farm. The ad says nothing about purchasing insurance; the only thing it peddles is Public Service.(You can watch it online at YouTube.)

If you’re like that guy, I’ve got just the thing for you: tomorrow evening’s MORE2 (Metropolitan Organization for Racial and Economic Equity) 7:00 p.m. gathering at Southminster Presbyterian Church, 6303 Roe Ave. The event has been organized by MORE2’s Kansas Clergy Caucus, which meets monthly in Asner Hall. I invite you to join me and my colleagues from neighboring religious organizations for an inspiring and informative evening aimed at furthering Social Justice in our community.

More2 Kansas Clergy Caucus invites you to join us and learn how to activate your congregation to work through More2 to become active justice seekers in Kansas.