Join us in drawing forth from Scripture, in our Beit Midrash

At 7:00 tomorrow evening, Tues Nov 7, we commence Bet Midrash for the year 5778. We’ll gather again in the Library for an hour of Jewish learning, and afterward move over to Asner Hall for coffee and dessert. And we’ll do the same the following four Tuesday evenings.

This year our focus is Midrash. A word about the word: though we usually think of Midrash as a thing, it is more properly a conjugation of the Hebrew verb for “to draw forth.” In the context of Scriptural study, a reader might deduce information existing “between the lines.” This week’s parasha, for example, tells of Sarah’s death without any explanation of the wherefore. Scripture’s placing the story of the Binding of Isaac just before her death, however, allows one to deduce that “one thing led to another,” so to speak.

Thus, by process of drawing forth was born the Midrash of Sarah’s demise from the shock of learning about the near-death of her son at the hand of his father/her husband, at the behest of God, no less. Midrash elucidates, elaborates, illuminates and enriches the original stock of our Holy history. Join us tomorrow for a deep dip.