Join Us Saturday, August 19th to Discuss Musical Accompaniment During Shabbat Services

“In its slow death, Faith Lutheran succumbed to cultural forces contributing to the yearly closing of thousands of American churches. Millennials, if you haven’t heard, are not “joiners.” And their parents file into contemporary megachurches with large video screens, which Faith doesn’t have.”

Thus explains long-time KC Star journalist Rick Montgomery, about the demise of his former church, Faith Lutheran, our long-time neighbors down the road at 67th and Roe. The city of Prairie Village has purchased the church, which it will raze and replace with a city park. (I append the link to the full article at the end of this column.) The “cultural forces” to which Montgomery refers affect American Jews no less than American Christians. Moreover, among the three major Jewish denominations in America, it is the Conservative Movement which – by far – is most acutely threatened by such forces. The statistics bear it out. Since 1990, our movement’s “slice of the pie” (the pie being number of affiliated synagogues and the numbers of their membership) is shrinking at a rate of about one percent a year.

Our congregation acknowledges the challenges of the future and stands prepared to meet them head on. Our initial salvo is to probe possible changes at the core of how we serve our members and the larger Jewish community. That core is Shabbat morning worship services. Our worship committee recently impaneled a task force, led by Anna Jaffe, to study the suitability of occasional musical instrumental accompaniment during services. I will present the task force’s findings this Saturday morning, August 19th, during worship services. Congregants are invited to join an informal discussion on the subject during kiddush luncheon. The worship committee will factor congregational response into its own discussion of the prospect, and subsequently possibly bring a resolution to our Board of Directors. Please join us this Saturday, to participate in this important initiative.

Here is the link to the KC Star article: Why I stopped going to Faith Lutheran in Prairie Village, and now, it’s closing