Marvin Denton: Quantifying the difference one member has made.

Fifty-three years. That’s how long Marvin Denton has been making up to 10 nightly phone calls, several times a week, to assure that we muster sufficient participants in minyan the following morning at Ohev Sholom.

Marvin Denton

Fifty-three years. Let’s do some math. For the first 50 of those 53 years, it was six nights a week. Nights per year: that’s 52 times 6, equals 312. Calls per night, it’s fair to estimate 10; that’s comes to 3,120 calls per year, times 50 years comes to 156,000 phone calls. Figuring the past three years is bit different, in that we’ve been sharing minyan with Beth Shalom at Village Shalom three days a week; Marvin thus makes calls for minyan at Ohev only three nights a week. Half of 3,120 is 1,560, times three is 4,680. Add that to 156,000 and you get 160,680. In round numbers, it’s fair to state that Marvin has made somewhere in the vicinity of One hundred and sixty THOUSAND telephone calls over a period of 53 years — and that’s just to make minyan.

Marvin also has been the phone caller for numerous other regular events, among them our semi-annual installation dinner. So the number of total phone calls is substantially higher.

And that’s Marvin’s active contribution to Ohev Sholom just in terms of telephone calls. For the first 10 years of my tenure, which is to say, up till about four years ago, he was a daily presence here at the synagogue: attending morning minyan, keeping our kitchens stocked and their inventories in order, helping prepare Sunday morning breakfast club. You get the idea. We are blessed with a goodly number of living members whose service to our congregation cannot be overstated. But Marvin’s record sets the bar. Marvin is our inspiration.

HaShem has blessed Marvin with a wonderful family and many adoring friends – and early next month, God willing, the blessing of fullness of years reaching 90. Ohev Sholom will mark Marvin’s milestone birthday this Shabbat, with a special Kiddush in his honor. I know you will be there, if you are able. Mazal tov Marvin!