Ohev Sholom supports the Vaad’s mission

Kansas City’s Vaad HaKashrut (Kosher Committee) oversees all aspects of Kashrut related to kosher food prepared and/or produced in our area’s public domain. The Vaad’s activities encompass everything from certifying and maintaining the Kashrut of locally processed foods for sale at retail outlets, to overseeing production of prepared kosher foods at local bakeries, to on-site supervision of kosher events at local hotels and convention centers.

The Vaad, a non-profit 501c3, employs an executive director (for which a search in now in progress), as well as several individuals serving as “mashgikhim” (inspectors) for on-site production and preparation of kosher foods. Atop the roster of the Vaad’s various positions sits the Rav HaMakh’sher (chief rabbinic authority), which by design falls to the Rabbi of our local orthodox congregation, BIAV. The Vaad’s professional staff is overseen by a board of directors whose membership includes at least one slot from each local congregation.

Ohev’s slot has been filled for the past seven years by Steve Passer, who stepped down earlier this year. On behalf of our congregation and community, todah rabbah to Steve for his devoted service. Filling the slot now is David Friedman, to whom we wish “hatzlahah rabbah” (much success).