Making minyan on the last day of Pesah.

Last year, our congregation adopted the concept of rotating weekday Shaharit services: Monday/Thursday at Ohev, Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday at Village Shalom with Beth Shalom. Generally speaking, it was just the tonic, virtually guaranteeing having a minyan. Last week, though, a fly landed in the ointment. What happened? It starts with the fact that the rotation doesn’t apply on Yom Tov. When Yom Tov falls on a weekday, any weekday, we hold Shaharit at Ohev. And since we no longer have “Ohev chapel regulars” on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays, when Yom Tov falls on one or more of those days, it’s no longer an “automatic minyan.” That’s why we fell short both Tuesday and Wednesday last week, both days Yom Tov Pesah. The good news is, now that we know there’s a problem, we can take extra steps in advance to get the numbers we need.

Which is exactly the purpose of this column: to let you know that we need you on Tuesday at 7 am in the chapel, for Shaharit on the last day of Pesah. Particularly if you have “Yizkor relatives,” that’s all the more reason to join us. We appreciate your support. Best wishes for a very joyous conclusion of this year’s Passover celebration!